HDPE Mainline Gate Valve Kits

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All gate valves are constructed of ductile iron. The included internal pipe stiffeners are constructed of stainless steel and are designed to insert into the end of the HDPE IPS (iron pipe size) plastic pipe. The gasket bell inlet and outlet is designed to push on to IPS (iron pipe size) HDPE plastic pipe. The pipe end must be beveled and lubricated with gasket pipe lube before inserting into the gasket bell end. The bell end has a factory installed pipe to fitting joint restraint and includes an additional LH-C restraint to eliminate the need for thrust blocking. For more information on installation procedures, please visit our website @ www.leemco.com.

Mainline Valve Kit includes: Gate valve, double restraints & internal pipe stiffeners as shown in the image to the left.

When ordering, please specify the HDPE DR rating in the shopping cart "Note" box. Leemco manufactures SDR17, 13.5 and 11 sizes.

Model Number: LMV-11BBHDSS
Item Weight 35.0 lb